The City of Florence

Florence is a stunning medieval city located in the region of Tuscany. It is divided into two parts by the River Arno that flows from the Apennines through Florence and Pisa and on to the  Tyrrhenian Sea.

Florence is considered one of the most beautiful cities in the world with its overflow of palaces, churches and museums filled with masterful paintings and sculptures. 

Throughout history, Florence has played an important role in the world’s culture.

Home of the Italian Renaissance, today the city’s rich and fantastic remains attract a high proportion of international travelers every year.

It still retains a strong resemblance to the small late-medieval center that was once the leading in the cultural and political development at the time. 

The Economy of Florence is based mainly on the services sector, as the city is an important commercial centre.

The traditional centuries-old banking and financial sector continues to flourish.

Tourism and crafts (jewelry, embroidery, footwear, leatherwork, ceramics, wrought-iron and basket work, lace and reproduction furniture) provide considerable sources of income.

Industry, though consisting generally of small and medium-sized firms, has fairly important precision engineering, optical, pharmaceutical, chemical, metallurgical, publishing and textile sectors.

In particular, HLB TAXLEX is located in an area in which there are located prestigious fashion brands.

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