The Italian Budget Law for the year 2021: Tax Credit and “Water Bonus”


As we can see from the results of the HLB Survey of Business Leaders 2021 ,sustainable technologies and renewable energy are increasingly stimulating leaders around the world to invest in the green economy and sustainability. This new entrepreneurial vision is so fundamental that many companies have based their business model on safeguarding the environment in a market that increasingly requires respect for the resources of our planet.

In particular, one of the most precious and indispensable resources is water and, as the growth in water consumption increases, it needs more intelligent management in order to contain waste.

In this regard, the Italian Budget Law for the year 2021, among the numerous facilitations, has also introduced some measures concerning the consumption of water. Art. 1 of Law no. 178/2020 provided for the recognition of a Tax Credit for water filtering systems, and a reduction in the consumption of plastic containers (paragraph 1087-1089) together with the so-called “Water Bonus”, (Paragraph 61-65).

Individuals, also those carrying out business activities, arts and professions, can benefit from the Tax Credit for the purchase of water filtering systems. The subsidy is due with reference to the expenses incurred from 1 January 2021 to 31 December 2022. The tax credit is equal to 50%.

Reporting, the “Water Bonus”, is recognized to individuals residing in Italy for an amount equal to 1000 Euro for the expenses incurred for the replacement of sanitary vases and taps with water flow limitation devices and can be used until 31 Dicember 2021.

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