Alessio Caltagirone Amante

Senior Partner

About Alessio Caltagirone Amante

Alessio graduated in Business Administration at the University of Political Science of Florence.

Once graduated, he began his professional career starting the internship at TAXLEX. He attended a Specialized Tax Master (Tax Consulting Firm) becoming a Chartered Accountant in September 2006 and, a year and a half later, he became part of TAXLEX as a partner.

Alessio is in charge of tax and corporate consultancy and, above all, has developed specific skills regarding  crisis management, the non-profit sector and the amateur sports sector.

In particular, he has been a member from 2008 of the Insolvency Procedures, Bankruptcy and Creditors Agreement of the Order of Chartered Accountants and Accounting Experts of Pistoia, where he carries out study and supervisor activities for professional training conferences.

Still in the context of insolvency, from 2010 he received numerous appointments from the Court of Pistoia in the capacity of Bankruptcy Trustee, Judicial Commissioner, Organism of Composition of the Over-indebtedness Crisis and Delegate on behalf of the Real Estate Execution Judge to the sale of assets.

Always within the business crisis, the experience gained enabled him to provide consultancy services to companies, individuals and institutions in general with reference to the choice of the most suitable instrument to overcome the crisis.

In the field of the third sector, it offers within HLB TAXLEX consultancy and assistance to associations, sports associations and non-profit organizations of all kinds, with particular regard to the current and important innovations that are affecting the world of No Profit.

Still with regard to the third sector, Alessio is a current member of the UGDCEC National Commission, within which he develops projects and vademecum for professional training.

Since 2010, Alessio has also been involved in the statutory audit of local authorities, with the role of auditor in various Italian Municipalities and, within the same sector, Alessio has participated, as a speaker and member of the Local Entities Commission of the ODCEC of Pistoia, at various conferences for the professional training of chartered accountants in the field of public audit.

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